Who’s Behind This Madness?

This site is dedicated to bringing Wayne County residents what larger cities take for granted: An online community by locals for locals.

the go wayne county teamUsually only big metropolitan areas have professional community information portals.  Some people think it isn’t worth the time and effort to develop such a site for such a small area.

We think they’re wrong.  We think Wayne County and the people who live here deserve a site that celebrates all that makes this a great place to live, work, and play.

If you agree, stick around.  And tell your family and friends to visit… often!

Who Are We?

GWC Editor

I’m Jack Humphrey. I grew up in Richmond, went to school at Richmond High (like I had a choice), Ball State University and University of Illinois, Chicago, and lived and worked in different places around the country for about 13 years before moving back to my home.

While we have a handful of great sites in the Wayne County area, it seemed to me and people I talked to that there was still something missing. So that’s where the idea for GWC was born.

We’re constantly evolving and growing, so it’s a good idea to check back often and, especially, sign up for a free membership so you can grow your own network and help guide the way this site improves and grows in the future.

GWC Community Organizer, Writer

karole passmoreKarole Passmore writes for GWC on a diverse range of topics in an effort to provide a snapshot of the people and places that make up Wayne County.  A graduate of Earlham College, Karole is used to working with a very diverse community.

Whether she’s writing about a business, non-profit, interesting individual, musician, artist, or event – Karole wants to better paint the picture of Wayne County and its people, history, and happenings.

Karole is also a life-time resident of Wayne County who grew up and built a family (brick by brick) in Richmond.  She specializes in knowing “what there is to do in Wayne County” by working with community members and businesses to help our communities do good things and have fun in the process.



There’s no reason to build a site like this if no one shows up! This site, in essence, belongs to Wayne County and everyone who lives in our area.

We know from working with other local sites literally all over the world that once a site gets going in a community that is hungry for it, it thrives. Aside from a handful of great bloggers, Waynet, and a few other sites, Wayne County is simply starving for a site by locals for locals that has what the big metropolitan cities take for granted.

We’re hoping you see the potential here, whether you are looking for the latest info on happenings around the area or you’re a business looking for an opportunity to get in front of local residents.

The way we succeed with GWC depends largely on you. Tweeting, telling friends, family, and business owners about the site, or linking from your Facebook page… all are things that will help this site become a major hub destination for friends, family and businesses in the Wayne County area.

We’ll bring the goods, you bring your friends. (And tell us what “goods” you’d like to see here on the site. We’re open to about anything that people would like to see here as long as it stays family friendly!)


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