Veteran’s Day: Thank You For Your Service

By KPass | editorial

Nov 11


All over the country today, people are celebrating the service of members of our communities who have made a great sacrifice in times of both war and peace.

We also look to and honor those who are currently serving, all around the world.  Living a military life is not easy in the best of times.  Moving place to place with families in tow is a life most of us can’t imagine living. Being separated from loved ones when shipped out on assignments is difficult- most of us will never know what that feels like.

But in our own communities we all know families who have had to share a loved one with the US military. We’ve witnessed children missing a parent, a wife or husband missing a spouse, a mother missing a son or daughter.  This is also true sacrifice.

That is why we honor military members and their families.  It’s about those who serve or have served in combat or during peace times, and it is about families who endure a very challenging life in order to keep our country safe and free.

So today, and every day, be sure to thank military members, veterans and their families for their individual gifts of service to this country and to the world.

Our GoWayneCounty family would like to honor the service of our family members: John Passmore, Army, retired, Uncle Bill Cummins, Navy, Uncle Mike Kendall, Navy, Uncle Mike Kraemer, Army, Grandpa Dennis Kendall, Navy.  Thank you for your service!

Happy Veterans Day!

Karole, Jack & Constance



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