The Giving Season Series: A Little Girl With A Big Heart

By KPass | Richmond

Nov 21

Olivia Dudas, age 11, creator of “The Traveling Bag of Kindness”

img_3192img_3192This is the giving season, a time when most of us think about giving to those in need or to those we love. But for Olivia Dudas, 11 years old, this is something she has on her mind often and through the year.  This holiday season she has come up with a way to help kids be happy.

Olivia recently shared with her mother that she would like to do something for kids that don’t have as much as others and after brainstorming came up with the idea of “The Traveling Bag of Kindness.”  The idea is this, explains Olivia’s Mom, Andrea Dudas: “we have bags to give you, and you put in whatever item or items any child might need then give to a friend and then they share with their friends.”  When the bag is full it can be turned back in to Olivia and her Mom and you can get another bag if you wish.  All bags that are still out will be turned in by December 20 and all things gathered will be given to either the Salvation Army or Genesis for distribution to those in need.

When asked about how she got this idea, Olivia explained that she watches news every morning and saw a story about people “paying it forward” by giving money or help to someone.  So Olivia said she wanted to do that for kids.  “I just want to see kids be happy,”  Olivia shared.

“People have commented about how amazed they are at Olivia’s heart,” Andrea explained when asked how people are reacting to Olivia’s idea.

And amazed they should be.  In this hustle and bustle of the holiday season and with so many things on our minds these days, it takes a child with a clear vision of helping others to lead us.  And at the time of this interview, only a couple of days into the initiative, they had just given out their 20th bag, obviously people are very eager to lend a hand to help kids for the holidays in this way.

Thank you Olivia Dudas for your kind heart and for thinking about others.  And good job Andrea Dudas for raising such a caring young lady.  Happy Holidays!

(If you would like to participate in Olivia’s initiative of The Traveling Bag of Kindness, you can send an email to Andrea Dudas at:

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