The Complete Guide to Viking Fest!

By Jack Humphrey | Richmond

May 06

Unless you’ve been hiding under something hard and rock-like for the last month, you’ve likely heard of the Viking Fest on May 11th from 4-10pm.  This guide covers everything you need to know about this first-ever event so you can be prepared for a great time.

Viking Fest:  Just the Facts

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When:  Saturday May 11th, 4-10pm (4-6pm kid friendly)

Where:  J&J Winery and Big Dawg Brewhaus

3415 National Road West (Get Directions)

Admission:  Free!


Dealing With A Monk (c) J&J Winery and Big Dawg Brewhaus

Viking Factoid:  Vikings didn’t wear helmets with horns on them.  This myth was popularized by Wagner’s operas.  Horns would have gotten in the way while fighting and pillaging and just weren’t practical.  Vikings did, however, drink their mead from horns.


Freyja and Odin With “Woofs” (c) J&J Winery and Big Dawg Brewhaus

Vikings Loved Good Mead

And Big Dawg Brewhaus is the only place in the midwest you can get, on this day only, a whole selection of authentically brewed Viking meads.  Including a rare batch of Oak Mead that probably won’t last the day!

Viking Lovers Love Good Beer

And there will be plenty of locally-brewed craft beer at the Festival.  (See poster below for all the selections!)  You won’t normally have the range of beers available at one time in one place that will be on tap at Viking Fest.


Viking Mead and Horn (c)  J&J Winery and Big Dawg Brewhaus

Vikings Loved Music

Performers at Viking Fest will include Blackthorn’s Bards, a local Celtic and Irish band starting at around 7:30 pm.

What To Wear to a Viking Fest

Let Freyja and Odin here help you with ideas.  What they’re wearing is more closely matched to traditional Viking garb than what you see on “Vikings” the TV series.  You can find detailed Viking wear ideas on the event page with links to Vikings of North America’s guide to Viking dress.

But, if your best Viking outfit is at the cleaners, or your chain mail is a bit rusty, don’t fret.  Come as you are!


Odin and Freyja (c) J&J Winery and Big Dawg Brewhaus

Vikings Were Fearsome Fighters

Fighting starts at 4:30pm with the Viking group Mojlnir (Thor’s Hammer) providing battle for your pleasure.  Also in attendance will be an Indianapolis contingent of Vikings North America providing ambiance and Viking men and women in proper dress.

Viking Fest Fare

Warriors tend not to like rabbit food after battle.  Big Dawg Brewhaus will see to it that the Vikings and the onlookers will have plenty of protein.

  • Smoked Turkey Legs
  • Scotch Eggs
  • Brats drowned in Big Dawg Dry Irish Stout

(c) J&J Winery and Big Dawg Brewhaus

viking fest jj winery

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