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By Jack Humphrey | Tech Corner

Oct 30

It might come as a surprise to some readers that there are a lot more video sites on the web than just YouTube.  And, that YouTube isn’t the defacto video site for all video producers or video content.  It’s true!

There are even video search engines that scour all the top video sites for you to locate exactly what you’re looking for.  If it exists, a good video search engine will find it, whether it is on Vimeo, Lulu, or

The Big Daddy of Video Search:  Blinkx

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A quick search on “richmond indiana” on Blinkx turned up 350 videos.  To prove that YouTube isn’t the only place to find local video content, the same search there turned up a higher count (1,610 videos), but didn’t include all of the same videos in the top 10 results.

Using a good video search engine will make sure that you are picking up video links that might not be easy to find on individual video sites, or not on your favorite video sharing site at all.

Other video search engines and sites you can try:

Do you shoot video and use a video sharing service other than YouTube?  Let us know where you videos are located in the comments below!

Have a fav video site other than one of the more popular ones?  Share it below too!

More video sites

Another great list of video search tools and sites…

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