Musician Anthony “ShadowMode” Guenther’s Latest Creation

By Jack Humphrey | Local Music

Feb 14

shadowmodeMost people would be amazed at the local talent that comes through the doors on open mic nights in Wayne County.  I’m amazed by the musical treasures we have in the area just about every week that I play at E Street Pub.

ShadowMode (Anthony Guenther) has been on the scene for awhile.  He’s a great example of someone who is always working on new material and who pours everything he’s got into it to make something special.

I love when I see the reactions of those who I haven’t seen at an open mic before.  They have no idea what’s about to happen when someone like Anthony gets up to play.  I like watching them do double-takes and go from disinterested to tapping their feet and coming closer to the artist to witness the unexpected close up.

Here’s the latest creation by ShadowMode.  Whatever you think you’re about to hear, forget it.  And try to remember, this is just one example of the wide-range of talented artists we are so lucky to have in our midst in and around Wayne County.

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