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Aug 24

jack humphrey, richmond, indiana, software, curationsoftCurationSoft Launches the First Desktop-Based Drag and Drop Blogging Tool

CurationSoft.com announces new software which enables bloggers to take advantage of the rising trend in content curation.

Richmond, IN (PRWEB) August 24, 2011

Content publishers are always on the lookout for better tools to help them find and work with content for their curated articles.   Several tools now exist as hosted solutions for reading the news, but there are limitations for publishers who need to port the content they curate to their blogs’ editor for easy publishing.

CurationSoft http://www.curationsoft.com is the first serious player in the desktop software arena to allow content curation on many different platforms.   By allowing writers to quickly type in a keyword and search YouTube, Google blog search, Twitter, and Flickr, then review and organize the results, the tool makes discovery much easier.   Once pictures, videos, or stories have been selected for curation into a post, along with the writer’s own commentary, they can simply drag and drop the content into their editor across all blog platforms.

News and information curation blogs, as well as individuals who share a lot of information via social media, are followed loyally by readers who enjoy easy access to hand-picked content on a topic.

“Often known as the “copy and paste media” many popular sites like Techmeme and Mediagazer are taking professional content that others produce at great cost and bringing it together in one place,”  said Niall Harbison, The Next Web, March 24, 2011.

Readers love curated content despite ready access to Google and other search engines which have long been seen as the portals to discovery.  To software developer Brandon Hall, CTO of CurationSoft, the reason is simple.

“People love to follow curation sites and use them as vetted sources where they can access the most important information on a topic without spending time searching for it themselves on many different sites,” Hall says.

Jack Humphrey, CEO of http://www.CurationSoft.com, works with Hall on curation tools and publishes tactics which allow bloggers and social thought leaders to create valuable, curated content for their readers in far less time than it used to take.

“CurationSoft has been a life saver for news bloggers and publishers who live and die by readership and visitor loyalty.  It’s a productivity booster for sure. If you cannot put out enough content, readers defect to sites with a bigger writing staff,” says Humphrey.  “Easily curated content makes it really easier to have the kind of output the giant sites have while requiring only one or a few writers.”

CurationSoft also helps social curators on sites like Google+ by allowing social curators to discover and surface content that starts conversations rather than simply sharing content already trending on social sites.

“Curation is the new wild west of content publishing and distribution on the web.” says Humphrey.  “It is easier for less experienced bloggers to get into, and therefore, a lot of the mess on the web can begin to be cleaned up by an army of curators where only human filtering will work.”

About CurationSoft.com

CurationSoft is a software startup based in Richmond, Indiana. More information can be found at http://www.curationsoft.com including press resources, software demo videos, and their blog with curation tips and news.   Jack Humphrey can be reached at Jack@JackHumphrey.com for interviews and further information.

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