It’s Leap Day 2012! Are You A Leapling? Read Below To Find Out…

By KPass | Headline

Feb 29

According to an article on, Leap Day has more significance than many of us ever knew.  For the full article with pictures you can visit their site by clicking on this link:  Know It All Leap Day

A Modest Proposal

Four hundred years ago, women weren’t allowed to propose marriage to men… except on leap day. While the source of this switcheroo isn’t 100 percent clear, folklore traces the tradition to fifth-century Ireland, when St. Bridget supposedly complained to St. Patrick that gals were sick of waiting around for their procrastinating men to pop the question. Patrick consented to a leap day role reversal and, by some accounts, also declared that men who declined the proposal would be fined!

Baby Talk

Speaking of leap day babies, those born on Feb. 29 are called “leaplings” or “leapers.” Since their actual date of birth only comes around a quarter of the time, leaplings often celebrate non–leap year birthdays on Feb. 28 or March 1. Legal permissions like getting a driver license or drinking alcohol are granted on whichever day a particular region deems official. Most U.S. states test leaplings’ patience by making them wait until the 1st.

Are you a leaper?  Let us know how many of you were born on leap day in Wayne County by replying to this post.

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