Growth On Earlham Campus Announced At Inauguration Of 17th President

By KPass | Earlham College

Oct 19

Last Saturday afternoon, leading up to the installation of the new president of Earlham College, Board Chair Debbie Hull made an announcement that was significant to the growth of the campus. In addition to the following:

“One of the first significant changes that will be seen on campus during David Dawson’s administration is the construction of a new science complex, on which we plan to break ground in May 2012. The complex, including new construction and a complete renovation of Stanley Hall, will contain state-of-the-art research facilities organized by research themes and common function.”

New Fine Arts Facility

Hull also added on Saturday, in her remarks prior to installing David as President, the announcement that “the day before the inauguration, the Earlham Board of Trustees authorized the College to move forward with all expediency on a new fine arts facility, as well!”

It was a very exciting afternoon filled with music, and the first speech from the new president that contained both humor and moments of hopeful aspirations for Earlham.   President Dawson was thankful to all the people who helped bring this celebration together, including past presidents who came to support him on this first official day of his new endeavors.  Those presidents included Landrum Bolling and most recent president Doug Bennett.  After thanking the many people who made the day possible David Dawson began by saying, “I am humbled by your faith in me.”  And he later challenged us to ask the question “how shall I live,” adding, as he said, for science fiction buffs, “do you want the blue pill or the red pill?”

David Dawson also spoke highly of his support of Earlham’s distinctive and compelling place in the world of education.  He shared his observation that Earlham was an educational experience that is “taking place in the real world.”  He added that windows are opened to “plights across the world.  Earlham, he said, reminds us that “life has no time outs…somewhere in the world someone is suffering.”

Amidst flags from all nations, his parting words were a challenge to the Earlham student body and community to “change your life, change your world.”  The inauguration was followed by a reception with garden sculptures created by students of Earlham College and lovely treats prepared for the occasion.

Welcome to the community David Dawson!

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