Giving Season Series: Alpha Omega “Random Holiday Blessings”

By KPass | Alpha Omega Moto Club

Dec 18

“We hope when they see our vests coming they feel relief and kindness.” Billy Henry President, Tracy Bresher, Vice President

Random Holiday Blessings: Alpha Omega Moto Club

When the idea to do a series on giving this holiday season first came to mind, one group popped into my head immediately— the Alpha Omega Moto Club.  Giving is not just a holiday experience for this group, it is a year round focus.  However especially during the holidays, Alpha Omega makes a huge impact on people by spreading the love around.

If you are at a local Walmart, Kmart, or restaurant this season you may witness a group of friendly faces who happen to be dressed in their biker leather and head scarves descending upon the establishment.  Their goal?  “Random Holiday Blessings.”

Billy Henry, president, Tracy Bresher, vice president and Miranda Henry,  light up as they talk about some of the blessings they have been able to give and the people who have received them.  Each year during the holidays they have surprised several families and individuals by paying for their cart loads of items at a store checkout or buying meals for people at restaurants.

We…let God guide us

Just recently they were able to bless a grandmother and her two granddaughters by buying all the clothes they had picked out in their cart at the checkout.  “It’s not about ‘does this person or family need help’”, according to Tracy Bresher of AO.   “We walk around and let God guide us.  If God says bless them— we do.”  And in this case, they later discovered that the grandmother had just unexpectedly gotten custody of her two grandchildren and was shopping for clothes for them.  She was very thankful for the surprising help she received from the group.

Billy Henry adds that “with all the negativity in the world, our goal is to show that there are good and caring people in this world.”  And people are overcome with emotion by their kindness.

Sometimes their blessings fall on an individual who has the financial means to pay it forward, as in the case recently of a local Wayne County farmer who was so “shocked by their generosity,” according to Billy Henry, that he pledged to pay it forward right away.  Billy added, “I take it as a leading of the heart….God puts the right people in our path at the right time.”

“It’s the look in their eyes”

A very humble group of people with big hearts, all agree that what they get from giving to others is why they do what they do.  “It’s the look in their eyes,” that does it according to Tracy.  He goes on to explain that it’s not about recognition or a pat on the back for himself.  In truth, many in the community are still unaware of what they do and that’s probably okay with this group of big hearted and humble people.

One of their favorite acts of “paying it forward”, they shared, was when they all met at Texas Roadhouse to eat and ended up bestowing a tip of around $300.00 to the waitress with five children who was also pregnant.  Another memory that pops up for them, as they all talk excitedly together, is of an older couple with tears in their eyes who were overcome by emotion when the group paid for their dinner unexpectedly.

How can they afford do they do this? Each month club members pay dues which goes into their giving fund.  “One thing that sets us apart”, Billy Henry explains, is the fact that all the money taken in goes out as giving. 

Alpha Omega at the annual Second Helpings Christmas Party, major sponsor and provides all the hats gloves & mittens for around 75 children. (back row far right Tracy Bresher, one in from left, Miranda Henry)

A year round mission

For the Alpha Omega family, holidays aren’t the only time they give.  This group sees it is a year round mission.  The focus for them is children and families in crisis and the many many bike runs they have done have benefitted numerous children who are battling illness or disabilities, the largest turnout being the Austin McNew run.  Joining with the Richmond Roadrunner motorcycle club it was a record setting event with around 400 bikes (100 bikes is a good turnout) and a lot of financial support. 

People participate in many ways besides riding, according to Billy and Tracy.  Other ways to give support are entering raffles, eating meals and voting on bike shows during the events.  The fundraising events also offer opportunities for family friendly participation with things like corn hole, bounce houses and a dunk tank. 

The Alpha Omega group is a deeply spiritual movement and mindset that is very family oriented.  Their choice of sites for their runs also reflects their goals, by making the events more about the experience of the ride.  It’s all about the people they are serving.

Alpha Omega during one ow their Random Holiday Blessings

Truly paying it forward

Miranda Henry explains that it all started for her young family when they were a recipient of love and support by the Whitewater Valley Motorcycle Club when their oldest son had cancer at a very young age.  It touched them so much that they decided to pay it forward.   And through their family unit of like-minded members of the Alpha Omega group, every year they do just that.  According to Tracy, “being in a club with loving, caring people with big hearts makes all the difference in the world.”  He was speaking of his experience with the club, but it also speaks to the work they do together.  They make a huge difference in the world of many people with the good work they do.

Note: If  you would like to give to the efforts of Alpha Omege Moto Club you can contribute to the Random Holiday Blessing Campaign at Perfect Circle by writing a check or cash to the “Alpha Omega Moto Club.”  All monies collected go to people in need. 

The AO family, the bond is very special to the group. “When I put on my vest it represents our group…how strong we are together.” Miranda Henry.

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