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Jul 05
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Finding Local Information On-The-Go

  • 5 Free Ways To Find Local Concerts on Your Smartphone
  • FourSquare:  Become the “Mayor” of any place you visit in Wayne County frequently and let business owners and your friends know about FourSquare.  It is a really neat app and I’m about the only one using it in Richmond so far, so friend me when you sign up!
  • FourSquare Maps:  Very cool tool to find out where people have been in Wayne County and surrounding areas.  You’ll notice most of them are travelers coming through town to eat or shop on their way somewhere else.  We should change that and get more locals using it!  Once you have a FourSquare account, you an login at 4Mapper and check your checkins or the checkins and recommendations from your friends.
  • Google Maps:  Tons of use for this one.  Get street views of places you want to check out in Wayne County or anywhere in the world.  Find maps that others have made, such as a map for Antique Alley, and discover new places to visit.

Search Engines With Local Information

  • Google:  You can click on More Search Tools and then “Nearby” and Google will restrict your search to the sites dealing with your location only.  Pretty cool way to cut the clutter and only show results for our area for whatever you are searching for.
  • Bing:  Bing has local information tools as well.
  • Yahoo:  Yahoo has “Yahoo Local” with tools to drill down to any geographic area you wish.
  • Ask:  Same kinds of tools above, but so far I find Google, Bing, and Yahoo have the best local results.

Social Sites

  • You can find groups related to your interests online, but you can also find groups related to you geographically.  On Facebook you can do searches for “wayne county” or your city and find all kinds of locals from our area sharing events and information.
  • Twitter Search:  Use Twitter’s search function to find Tweeps from your area you might not have known were on Twitter!  Want to find people talking about news and information in our area?  Just type in keywords at this search and you’ll see discussions by people on that topic.  Has advanced search features to help you drill down to just our area.

Go Wayne County

Of course, we’ll always try to be one of your favorite stops for local information.  We deal in “local flavor” stories and aren’t much interested in the bad news industry.  There are plenty of places to find out about crime, death, and misdoings.

It is getting to the point now, as we talk to more and more individuals, businesses, and groups around the county, that for every “bad news” story there are many more good news stories.  Its all about what you choose to focus on in life.

We choose to cover traditional media has either willingly or purposefully neglected.  People can be terrible creatures.  But they can also be very kind, generous, interesting, and funny.  We will continue to explore the latter.

What Do You Use for Local Information?

I’ve purposely left out hundreds of possible smart phone apps, widgets, and gadgets as well as other sites you could possibly be using to get your local fix.  Since there are so many, it would be better if you chimed in and let us know what you use on your phone or computer to find events, businesses, “stuff,” and news happening in the area.

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