Calling All Authors Of Wayne County

By KPass | Arts

Mar 29
Press release

Carolyn LaFever, Wayne County Historian

Calling all Authors of Wayne County... published and unpublished, young and old(er)… anyone interested in the art of writing, or if you have tales yet to be written, please join us for the first meeting of the Authors of Wayne County, at the MCL Cafeteria, in Richmond, Thursday, May 12, from 6:30 P.M. to 8:30 P.M. in the “B” room.

Carolyn LaFever and Jamie Wesseler invite you to join them and fellow authors for an evening of writing exploration and the advancement of literary works in Wayne County.  Attendees are encouraged to pay for their meal selections and bring them into the “B” room for the start of our meeting.

“Whether they have published works or want to learn more…”

Carolyn, our renowned county historian, urges everyone with an interest in writing to attend.  “Whether they have published works or want to learn more about writing and becoming published, we want to offer our authors partnership, guidance, and encouragement.  We are hopeful our combined efforts will produce meaningful writing experiences for all participants and develop camaraderie across all genres of writers.”
Please contact Jamie Wesseler via e-mail ( or phone (260-229-1003) if you plan to attend, but please do not fail to show up for this event just because you may have forgotten to make notification.

About the Author

Karole Passmore is a freelance writer who enjoys writing articles and short stories, interviewing local people, and researching non-fiction subject matter– preferably historical. Graduate of RHS, Ivy Tech Richmond, and Earlham College– with a major in History, Karole has spent most of her life in Wayne County and enjoys the quaint atmosphere of a small town.