A Significant Day To Remember Those Who Have Served & Are Serving

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Nov 11

Braving the cold to honor our Veteran's

On a brisk November day hearts were warmed as many braved the chill in the air to participate in the Veteran’s Day Ceremony outside the Richmond City Building today.

We were reminded of the significance of the day’s service falling on the 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th year and during the 11th hour.  This, said the master of ceremonies, only happens every 100 years.  It made the day seem even more special.

Pastor of the Central United Methodist Church, himself a Veteran of the Vietnam War, called all to prayer and later closed the ceremony with a familiar Christmas story of the soldier who watches over a family on Christmas Eve—a story that brought tears to many eyes.

The guest speaker, Colonel William T. (Tim) Cahoon who has served in both Afghanistan and Baghdad, reminded everyone of the sacrifice that Veteran’s and those serving today have made and are making.  He said that few expect or ask for recognition but they should get it anyway, suggesting that as we meet a Veteran today we shake their hand, thank them for their service and listen to their stories if they choose to share.  But, he also added that not just today but every day we should remember their sacrifices and thank them.

Reelected Mayor, Sally Hutton read the Veteran’s Day Proclamation making this an official day of recognition in Wayne County for all who have served.

From Left: Pastor of the Central United Methodist, Mayor Sally Hutton, Guest Speaker a Colonel who served in both Afghanistan & Baghdad, & Commander of Post 65 Legion

See the video below to experience part of today’s service.  We would like to thank all those who have served and are serving, including our own family members.  We appreciate your dedication, while leaving family and loved ones behind.  It is a great sacrifice.

For more pictures of the ceremony you can visit our Facebook site :GoWayneCounty.

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