A Peaceful Presence: The Amish In Wayne County

By KPass | wayne-county

Jul 10

On a road trip through Wayne County collecting pictures and information for the first print edition of GoWayneCounty, I was reminded of the peaceful and picturesque presence of the Amish community.

Northern Wayne County is home to a newer Amish settlement.  The Amish are usually settled in areas of the country such as Pennsylvania and Ohio. Their ancestors came to America from Germany and we are pleased to have such an industrious people in our community.

Amish are a simple people who live mostly off the land as farmers but also produce beautiful furniture and other handcrafted items.

Amish Cheese Shop Deli and Bakery

One reminder of their presence is the Amish Cheese Shop that we passed on our way to Hagerstown.  A bright yellow and cheery building, it houses my daughter’s favorite form of sustenance, and has been in business on State Rd 1 since 1983.   So on our way back to Centerville we stocked up on our cheese needs as well as some jelly and pastry.

As we approached the cheese shop we passed a black buggy pulling a young Amish man.  Though I was tempted to take a picture I remembered that predominantly the Amish do not like their pictures taken.  (Plus I was driving which did not seem a wise time to take a picture).

We have great respect for the hard work of living a “simple” life

In our family we have secretly and at times openly envied the simple lives of the Amish people.  We have great respect for the hard work of living a “simple” life which includes dawn to dusk labor—a workload that is beyond most of our energy levels.

Yet the idea of no phones, cell phones, television, Ipods, Facebook, answering machines, etc sometimes seems like a good one as we all become more attached to the genres of interfacing.

In addition, if you have not eaten an angel food cake made in an Amish kitchen—you have not yet lived.  We welcome the quiet presence of the Amish community here in Wayne County and the abilities and tasty foods they share with all of us.

A recent video which was intended to be a comical and ironic piece about young Amish men on roller blades may have not been taken lightly by some as it was intended.

We at GoWayneCounty.com who are comprised of family and members of this county have nothing but respect and, as I mentioned, a bit of envy for the Amish community.  In our own ways we share a love for the earth and bounty it produces as do the Amish.

We attempt gardening and producing foods for our own tables each summer.  Admittedly we are not experts, but we love watching things grow.  Maybe that is why we are so dedicated to GoWayneCounty.com—we want to be a tool for Wayne County so it can grow and prosper.  We want to be around for the harvest time.

About the Author

Karole Passmore is a freelance writer who enjoys writing articles and short stories, interviewing local people, and researching non-fiction subject matter– preferably historical. Graduate of RHS, Ivy Tech Richmond, and Earlham College– with a major in History, Karole has spent most of her life in Wayne County and enjoys the quaint atmosphere of a small town.