Richmond Indiana Facts – 10 Things You Might Not Know

By Jack Humphrey | Richmond

Apr 29

Let’s start with the easier Richmond facts and work our way up:

Source:  Wikipedia

  1. We are sometimes referred to the “cradle of recorded jazz” because early recorded jazz began here at Gennett Records, a division of Starr Piano Factory in the gorge.
  2. Richmond is the county seat of Wayne County in Wayne Township.
  3. As of the census in 2000, there were 39,124 people, 16,287 households, and 9,918 families residing here.
  4. Richmond’s houses two of Indiana’s three Egyptian mummies.
  5. Believed to have been the smallest community in the United States to have supported a professional opera company and symphony orchestra.
  6. Richmond, in the 1920’s, was an Indiana stronghold for the KKK.  Forty percent of Richmond’s Kiwanis club members, thirty percent of its doctors, and 27 percent of its lawyers were Klan members, but none of the city’s bank executives or most powerful business leaders were members.  Note: Not sure about the business leaders part – how good were KKK record keepers anyway?
  7. On April 6, 1968, a natural gas explosion and fire destroyed or damaged several downtown blocks and killed 41 people; more than 150 were injured.
  8. Has four colleges: Earlham College, Indiana University East, Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana and the Purdue University School of Technology.
  9. Is home to two seminaries: Earlham School of Religion (Quaker) and Bethany Theological Seminary (Church of the Brethren).
  10. Has two sister cities: Facts About Richmond

  1. We have a lot more going on in and around town than we give ourselves credit for! (See the GWC Calendar for proof!)
  2. We still have a talented pool of local musicians living here.  The local music scene didn’t fade away with the Gennett recording studio!
  3. If you get bored and think there’s nothing going on, that nothing ever happens here, you aren’t trying very hard!
  4. The best way to find really cool things to do and see, as well as shopping that’s unique to the area such as Antique Alley, is to hang out at!

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