Signs Of The Season…


If you are wondering just where the Christmas spirit is…wonderful signs of giving are everywhere if you just keep your ears and eyes open.

This morning as I started my day I heard sirens coming down the street–and saw many police and sheriff cars pulling into Meijer.  They were taking children shopping for Christmas.  And as I peered out the door I saw a sheriff take the hand of a tiny little girl in a pink coat.  I must admit my eyes teared up a little just seeing such a display of caring.

Sometimes as we rush through the holiday season, we miss the signs of love and compassion all around us.  They are happening every day from the Toys For Tots sponsored by the Marine Corp to todays gift of taking a kid shopping sponsored by Meijer and the Richmond Police Department, and in many other smaller but significant ways.

If you have a story of giving this Season- please share. 

Happy Holidays!