Lemonade Day “Build A Stand” Event At Menard’s April 13, 2013

logo lemonade dayLemonade Day is just around the corner: May 19, 2013.   If your child would like to learn to build a stand and get a kit for only 10.00, then you will want to take them to Menard’s Saturday, April 13th between 9 am. to 12 p.m. (tomorrow)

For the past five years Menard’s and Lowe’s have provided this service to help kids to have successful businesses on Lemonade Day.  As an added bonus, G101.3 will be broadcasting live from Menard’s, and you may just see an appearance by the Lemonhead.

Keep checking back for more information on Lemonade Day events.

Coming up next week:

  • Michael Holthouse, founder of the national Lemonade Day and Lisa Holthouse co-founder and author of “It All Started with a Turtle,” will visit area schools and the Boys & Girls Club, Mon & Tues, April 15-16.  (Boys and Girls Club with Girls Inc Kick off event is at 4:00 p.m. on the 16th)  (Book signing with Lisa Holthouse at Morrisson Reeves Library, Monday, April 15 at 3:30 p.m.)
  • Next Saturday, April 20th:    Build At Stand event at Lowe’s from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

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Dave Hepler Holiday Jazz Concert Presented By Morrison Reeves Library

Morrison Reeves Annual Book Sale Starts Today!

8th Annual Alternative Gift Fair December 3, 2011- A Great Way To Give

The 8th Annual
Alternative Gift Fair

By Stephanie Hayes-Mussoni

Stephanie, Director of the Cope Environmental Center

Are you looking for a wonderful way to give meaningful gifts to all those on your holiday shopping list?  The answer is to attend the Eighth Annual Wayne County Alternative Gift Fair.  The gift fair is an event that is full of “holiday spirit.”  There are treats, music, massages, and a one-stop shopping venue for everyone on your list!

The Alternative Gift Fair began when a group of local women heard of the concept presented by a national organization – The New Dream.  This organization is based on changing our perception of what it is to realize “The American Dream” focusing more on experiences and sustainable lifestyles instead of accumulating “stuff.”  The idea of the Alternative Gift Fair came together to help promote meaningful gifts that not only give to the recipient, but also give back to the community.

This  is a one day event that brings together 18 non–profits.  A shopper attends the fair and selects a variety of “gifts” for people on their lists that match their interests in the community.  Maybe you have someone who loves to hike, you can “purchase” the care of one mile of hiking trails at Cope Environmental Center in their name.  Or for the dog lover a gift of food and shelter for dogs at HELP the Animals.  Each of the 18 organizations has 3 “gifts” at three different donation levels.  The shopper uses one shopping list to purchase as many gifts from as many of the organizations as the shopper chooses.

Gift Fair Will Be At Morrison Reeves Library Again This Year

Then the shopping list is taken to the cashier and one payment is made for all your gifts via cash, check or charge.  The shopper chooses the mode of wrapping and enjoys goodies, music and even a chair massage while awaiting the finished gifts to be presented to friends, family, co-workers, and anyone else on the shopping list!    Partners such as Wayne County Foundation, Reid Hospital & Health Care Services and Summersault are making your dollar stretch by providing matching gifts and/or general support for the event.

As a bonus, the Wayne County Foundation will also be giving $10 “Bonus Bucks” to the first 100 people through the checkout line who are: a new shopper, a child, or someone who donates to five or more organizations.  This coupon can be used to “purchase” an additional donation in honor of someone!  Thanks to WCF for supporting the Fair for so many years. The Alternative Gift Fair is a great way to get into the true holiday season, purchase meaningful gifts, and give back to the community!  Join us on December 3 from 12:00 – 3:00 at Morrison Reeves Library in the Bard Room for all the fun and festivities. More information and a list of participating agencies can be found on the AGF website at: www.MyAlternativeGiftFair.org.

Get Your GoWayneCounty Print Edition- Hot Off The Presses!

First Edition Of GWC In Print 2010

The May-June edition of GWC is going out to hot spots all over Wayne County this weekend.  This is an exciting issue with the front page focused on things for your kids to do this summer, and a new 2-sided full page insert of the schedule for the 2011 4H Fair! (Created by GoWayneCounty).  Continue to check in with GoWayneCounty.com for updates to both the summer activities and the Fair.  We will be covering the Fair live this year again- so mark your calendars for June 18-25th and come by and see us!

Here are some of the hot spots where you can pick up a copy of GWC:

  • Mitrione’s
  • Mancino’s
  • Morrison Reeves Library
  • Orchelan’s Farm Store (West side Richmond)
  • Centerville Library
  • Wayne County Visitor’s Bureau
  • 5th Street Bagel Shop
  • Wayne County Visitor’s Center
  • Hayes Arboretum
  • Yellow Kitty Salon
  • Joe’s Pizza
  • Cambridge City Library
  • 4H Fairgrounds: Fair office & Kuhlman Center
  • Wayne County Museum
  • Cope Environmental Center

And many more!  GWC will be in about 60 locations in Wayne County once they are fully distributed.  So look for your FREE copy this weekend.  If you are a business and would like exposure to all of Wayne County- give us a holler by clicking on “advertising” at GoWayneCounty.com.  We have many ways of getting your name out there to fit your budget.

Calling All Crossword Puzzle Enthusiasts!

Information Submitted By Rachel Hughes For Wayne Count Literacy:

Wayne County Literacy Coalition Announces New Fundraiser

The Wayne County Literacy Coalition (WCLC) will host their first annual crossword puzzle tournament at Little Sheba’s restaurant on Tuesday, March 8th from 6:00-8:00pm.

Tickets for the event, which includes dinner, are $50.00 for a team of two and can be purchased by calling 765-966-8294 ext. 106 or by emailing literacy@mrlinfo.org.

The Wayne County Literacy Coalition, Inc. (WCLC) is a non-profit organization providing free individual tutoring to adults in the Wayne County, Indiana area. Housed within Morrisson Reeves Library, the coalition promotes adult literacy within the Wayne County area by educating the public about the need for adult literacy programs, recruiting and training volunteers, providing learners with individualized tutoring, and raising money to further support these efforts.

The services provided by the Wayne County Literacy Coalition are much needed

In the United States, 14% of people over the age 16 cannot read well enough to understand a newspaper story written at the 8th grade level or fill out a job application.

Adults need strong literacy skills…

  • … to raise children who  have strong literacy skills,
  • …to be good employees,
  • …to keep themselves and their families healthy,
  • …to be active in their communities,
  • …to advocate for themselves and avoid human rights abuse, and
  • …to avoid crime.

There will be three rounds of play with prizes being awarded to the winning team of each round and the overall winning team. There will also be a silent auction with proceeds from this fundraiser benefitting the Wayne County Literacy Coalition.

For more information, please email literacy@mrlinfo.org .

Note*  We have some pretty intensely competitive cross word puzzlers (?) in our family that will be thrilled to read about this.  But watch out if they compete they can get pretty rowdy.  We hope many people turn out for this very worthy fundraiser.  As a past volunteer for the America Reads Program-literacy is very dear to my heart and so important for our future generations.  So sign up!  And look out for the competition!

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Young Mozart For Children At Morrison Reeves Library

Update **Due to Weather…This program has been rescheduled for Monday, January 24!

Thursday, January 20, 2011 at Morrison Reeves Library a special program will be offered for children ages 5-12 years with Carolyn Klemperer-Greene.

The life of Mozart and his music will be the theme with many things for children to experience and enjoy, while learning about the famous composer.  This event is free to the public and will be offered two times on Thursday.  You must pre-register for one of the two sessions at the Children’s Service Desk.  There is a limit of 30 children per session.

This event is sponsored by the Wayne County Chamber and the Chanticleer String Quartet.

Technology Vs Old School…The Future of Print

There is a debate amongst avid readers, which is pretty heavy at times, over the future of books and other forms of printed materials.  Lovers of books are having a difficult time seeing actual print turning to technology more and more.

As a child I read books like they would slip out of my hands if I didn’t hold fast to each one.  I remember the old Morrison Reeves Library and how I could hardly wait to go from the picture book section to early reader, where my sister had been for a couple of years.  I remember my first library card–paper with the little metal piece at the bottom.  And the joy of finally getting to climb the winding staircase up to the “glass floor” above to search for books.

Books were magic to many of us.  Unfortunately that joy has been taken away from the generations of today with new  technologies,enabling them to get their information from sources other than books.

There are blog sites devoted to this debate and we book readers are adamant that the written and printed word bound into a book should not die.  I would say some of us fear this inevitability.  But there is another side to this debate that is important.  Kathy Camper, who assists people with disabilities at the Independent Living Center in Richmond IN, wrote this in a blog site recently:

I also grew up loving both the smell of books and the mysteries that they hold.  I spent hours reading about the nursing adventures of Sue Barton Student Nurse upstairs at my grandfathers house. Oh, the places I have traveled throughout the years in books. But technology does have its place. Imagine no longer being able to read due to vision loss. That once full world now dim and empty. Sitting hours alone with nothing to fill that void. I have seen things like the talking book program and Kindle open up a world that has been closed to many for too long. Watching someone cry when they discover that they can again travel to that place where only a good book can take you. So,even though nothing will ever take the place of the thrill of holding a book, smelling its aroma and sitting for hours reading, the electronic version can also have its place.”

The New Kindle Notebook

At the Independent Living Center, where I also work, many consumers have low vision and the center offers several types of technology to assist them with remaining independent.  The new Kindle is one of those technical advances.  If you haven’t encountered one yet..they upload books from the internet and can read aloud to you– bringing back the world of books to people, as Kathy said above, who were no longer able to read.  (The Kindle and other types of reading devices are for the sighted as well).

So though the debate will continue and book readers will fight to keep print alive, it seems we must also embrace the new technology for those who would not be able to enjoy books otherwise.

To learn more about what the Independent Living Center offers you can visit them at 1818 West Main Street, or visit their website. And no matter how you do it keep reading!

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