Planning A Trip To The Zoo

Giraffe: Keeping An Eye On You
Image by Durotriges via Flickr

There are several places in and around Wayne County to see and learn about animals, both domestic and wild.  Trips to the zoo are some of the most memorable family events for kids.

With the first day of school not far around the corner, you might be thinking of ways to get the family out for one more day or two of fun in the coming month.  The zoo is usually a slam-dunk if your kids aren’t at the “too cool to care” age.

Below is a list of zoos and petting zoos that are easy to reach around Wayne County.

Indianapolis Zoo

Feeding Time For Seals at Indianapolis Zoo

Getting There:  (Map)

Indianapolis, Indiana
(317) 630-2001

Columbus Zoo

Mom Teaching Baby To Swim at Columbus Zoo

Getting There: (Map)

9990 Riverside Dr.
Powell, OH
(614) 645-3550‎ – (614) 645-3400‎

Cincinnati Zoo

Baby Animals At The Cincinnati Zoo

Getting There:  (Map)

3540 Beldare Avenue,
Cincinnati, OH‎
(513) 961-1870‎

Dougherty Orchard and Petting Zoo

Fall is the time to plan for a visit to Dougherty Orchard and Petting Zoo.  The petting zoo is free, but you’ll want to grab an ice cream cone full of goodies for the animals at the store before you go in.  Its just a lot more fun that way.  :)

Getting There:  (Map)

1117 Dougherty Road
Cambridge City, IN 47327
Wayne County

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