Interesting Fireworks 5k Run at Glen Miller Park

dire skates take the Fireworks 5k

The Dire Skates

This morning marked a turning point for 5k runs across America.  No longer will runners enjoy the beauty and peace of running through Glen Miller Park without looking over their shoulders.

The fear in the air was palpable and was plain to see on the runners’ faces as they passed by an unnaturally tall, motley crew of women on skates.  Women who fully intended to chase the runners through the park as they tried to keep their minds on the race.

dire skates

Illegal Performance Enhancing Running Shoes

Yes, The Dire Skates, who seem to be everywhere in Wayne County at once, have infiltrated the once sacred world of competition running.  True to form, they broke the rules by skating the 5k in non-regulation running gear.  I’m not even sure they knew this was a 5k race and not a derby.  The runners appeared to be worried about that as well.

Dave Snow from G 101.3 was on hand to organize the event and try to keep it peaceful with a minimal amount of carnage.  I could see on his face that he was concerned about his decision to let the Dire Skates in on the race.  As the race drew near, it seemed more and more likely that things could go wrong.  Very wrong.

Juxtaposed against moms pushing baby carriages and hyper-fit runners for whom a 5k is a morning snack, the Dire Skates with their coach (Dredd) seemed delightfully out of place.

No one from the race has reported any mischief to the RPD, though the race is still going on as I write this.

Video From The Fireworks 5k