Children Having Fun In Wayne County…..

Over the past week we have gathered some images of children having fun in Wayne County…some at Canal Days last weekend and some just recently taken at the Family Fun Fest.  Enjoy the faces of the most important members of our County…our future.

Enjoying Live Music at Canal Days

And the fun continues as the parade goes by in Cambridge City…

Out For An Old Fashioned Ride

Another Mode of Travel

The Parade Continues….With Our Smallest Reigning King…

Just yesterday we got more shots of kids having a great time outdoors at the Family Fun Fest, sponsored by the Richmond Parks and Recreation.  Activities of all kinds were provided by different agencies, notably the Boys and Girls Clubs which had several games for children to choose from.  Others offered face painting, bounce and climbing blow ups, a duck pond and much more!  Here are few of the faces….

Enjoying The Day With Mom

Little Putter

Face Painting

So many cute faces and as many great adults that have and are bringing joy to their lives.  Thanks to all in Wayne County who have worked so hard this year to offer these opportunities to families and especially to the children.  We look forward to what the fall will bring!

Here Comes The Parade

Parents, if these are your children and you would like a copy of the pictures–just send an email to  We will send you the full size picture via email.  Thanks for sharing their cute faces with all of us.