Pizza Extravaganza at J&J Winery – Don’t Miss This One!

By Jack Humphrey | Night Life

Jan 06

On January 19th, Wayne County will have the ability to try every kind of pizza that J&J Winery makes.

Let me be clear:  For one price, you get to gorge yourself on the best wood-oven pizza you’ve ever tasted.  Not just one style, but all of them.

Now, if you’ve been to J&J and ordered one of their pizzas, and you’re like me, just one of them is enough to make you mad.  Eating the last slice is akin to the kind of sorrow felt when losing a best friend.  Or at least, stepping on a lego really hard in the middle of the night.

Trust me, you don’t want to go there!

On January 19th, there will be no arbitrary restrictions on the kind of pizza you devour.  And you’ll hear no excuses like “We can’t MAKE a 28 inch pizza in our oven, Jack!”  Or “Please stop eating the PICTURES of pizza on the menu, Jack!”

(Ok, maybe one of those only really applies to me, but you get the point.)

Extravaganzas are a bit more than just a “quaint evening out.”  You don’t use 5 syllable words to describe such a heavenly event accompanied by great local wines and/or Big Dawg beer …and a freakin’ singing fireman!

This is serious, Wayne County!  Get your calendar out and circle January 19th (6:30 pm-10:00 pm).  Really, just sharpie out the whole day and draw stars and Unicorns by the date.  This is an event you won’t want to miss!

How Much?  

It will be $15.95 (includes tax) for pizza extravaganza. All you can eat and salad and bread stix bar.

Questions?  Contact J&J here.

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