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Positively Wayne County

Special guest Jim Walker spoke to a crowd of over 300 people attending “Boost” today at Lingle Auditorium, inspiring many to think outside of the box.

His organization “Big Car” of Indianapolis has done just that.  With innovative ideas like creating green spaces on top of pavement in front of an unlikely inviting space (once an abandoned shopping mall) now used for community outreach, and cultivating a climate of neighborhood buy in, Jim inspired all of us to look at what we might do with little resources.

He suggested that we should not always wait for the grant money to come or the timely research but to jump out of our comfort zones and bring people together to make things happen.  Volunteers, donations and community involvement can see a project through with little expense and big results.

During discussion groups, ideas were buzzing all around the room and notes were taken to later be transcribed into a report of sorts of suggested improvement areas or ways to highlight what we already offer in Wayne County.

Stay tuned for more events from Positively Wayne County–a project which encourages the voices of people from all walks of life to have input into the directions we can take as a community.

For those who attended, Chris Hardie has invited you to submit your ideas that you discussed in your group to

And be sure to check back here for invitations to smaller discussion groups coming up this year.

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