Discovering Your Truth: Journaling & Art Collage Workshop

disc your truth larger 640 pixelsHow does your image of yourself change when you truly see yourself, with all of your flaws and imperfections, as a whole, unique person, worthy of acceptance and joy? How does your image of others change when you do the same for them?

This workshop will explore the many ways we struggle with self-image, doubt and the feeling that we are not enough. Through guided journaling prompts and art collage, we will discover the beautiful truths about ourselves, and create a set of your truth cards to remind us of these truths.



Led by Mandy Ford, published crafter and author behind the
blog This Girl’s Life, and published author, editor, and
experienced workshop leader Amy Lyles Wilson.

Limited seating available and all supplies are provided!  Fun doorprizes! Bring a friend!  Go to eventbrite to register.

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