Musician Anthony “ShadowMode” Guenther’s Latest Creation

shadowmodeMost people would be amazed at the local talent that comes through the doors on open mic nights in Wayne County.  I’m amazed by the musical treasures we have in the area just about every week that I play at E Street Pub.

ShadowMode (Anthony Guenther) has been on the scene for awhile.  He’s a great example of someone who is always working on new material and who pours everything he’s got into it to make something special.

I love when I see the reactions of those who I haven’t seen at an open mic before.  They have no idea what’s about to happen when someone like Anthony gets up to play.  I like watching them do double-takes and go from disinterested to tapping their feet and coming closer to the artist to witness the unexpected close up.

Here’s the latest creation by ShadowMode.  Whatever you think you’re about to hear, forget it.  And try to remember, this is just one example of the wide-range of talented artists we are so lucky to have in our midst in and around Wayne County.

Fireworks Following RiverRats Game Tonight, July 4th, 2012

There will be a Fireworks display tonight after the RiverRats game against the Chillicothe Paints. First pitch is set for 7:05 pm. See you there!

See video below of fireworks from a past RiverRats display (opening game 2011).  HAPPY JULY 4TH!

DRUMaddix Concert Coming To Civic Hall Performing Arts

Coming next week- a big concert of percussion instruments, high energy and just plain good fun.  You won’t want to miss this one.  And guess what? It’s FREE! See poster below for more information:

The Most Viewed Video On In 2011

With close to 1900 views on Youtube, this video of the 9/11 Escort of a piece of the Twin Towers heading to Indianapolis, is the most viewed of 2011 for

Cockatiel Sings Super Mario Brothers


Christmas Parade In Richmond IN

Below you can watch part of the Christmas Parade in Richmond, which took place this past Friday night.  People lined the streets, in very cold temperatures, and though the quality of the video isn’t great, you can hear the excitement of the children as they watch the floats and mascots go by.  It was worth freezing to see.  And later we went to the Coop to purchase yummy snacks and hair ribbons- it was a fun night! For more pictures and video of the holiday season you can visit our Facebook site (GoWayneCounty) or our youtube site- also under GoWayneCounty. (see video below)

Kid Gives Big Speech After Learning To Ride Bike

The Gettysburg Address.  Nixon’s Checkers Speech.  Martin Luther King’s I Have A Dream speech.  Today we can add another important speech to the list of history’s greatest speeches.

I feel like a new man after watching this incredibly inthhpirational thhpeech! Now I KNOW I can do it!

The funniest thing you will likely see this week..

When Animals Show Humans How To Act

I’ve never subscribed to the idea that we’re here to “dominate” nature and wildlife for our pleasure or survival.  That attitude, toward the world that sustains us, leads to us missing lessons that those “lesser animals” have to teach.

Compare the videos below to what you see us doing to each other around the world on nightly news.  Then, tell me who acts like the lesser species.

Let’s all be nice out there! 🙂

Evian Roller Babies

Test Middle School Drum Ensemble

From Brian Grimes via Facebook: “The first clip on this trailer is a group kids from Test Middle School here in Richmond with their amazing teacher Kevin Van Note. It is shot here in Richmond. These kids are so talented. (okay the whole thing is Van Note’s kids, and it is amazing. Watch it all the way to the end, amazing.)”

Ensemble Presents A Compilation from Jay Barbre on Vimeo.

More info:

“In April 2010, The JTMS African Drum Ensemble was part of a concert featuring three different performing groups. These are three of their songs. While a 15-minute clip time may seem long, once you see their talent, you’ll know it’s worth it. They will be featured in an upcoming documentary film entitled ‘Ensemble’.” –Jay Barbre, Vimeo

Charlie Patton “Down The Dirt Road Blues”

Patton c. 1929

Image via Wikipedia

“Down The Dirt Road Blues”
Recorded in 1929 for Paramount Records in Richmond, Indiana.

Kinda creepy how they animated his picture!

GAP Teams Up With Reindeer Herd

I’m sure the data from this project will prove very useful…lol

Large male reindeer

Image via Wikipedia

Reindeer help GAP with sales.

The reindeer, which are equipped with GPS, compete in various “contests” including tests for who moves the furthest, fastest, slowest or closest to the North Pole on a particular day. Each one is connected to a different deal. Emma, for instance, will get you 40% off your whole purchase. Chloe will get you all accessories in store for $5 each. (The video above shows the owner of the pasture is fairly perplexed about the whole thing.)

Flash Mob Scenes: Hallelujah In The Food Court

Christmas shoppers get a surprise in the food court.

Richmond Depot Renovation Progress

Wondering what might be going on inside the Depot since they’ve started working on it?  Us too!

The outside looks better already.  Can’t see inside just yet, but here’s a reminder of what the renovation crew was dealing with when they started:

For a recent look inside at the Depot, check out Jim Hair’s photo stream at Flickr.

Wayne County Murals Project (Video)

A nice shot of the murals in Richmond and surrounding area.