A Night At The Museum & Homerun Haunt

Haunted Museum Tour 2011

Tonight we enjoyed a trip to the museum for the second annual Haunted Museum Tour.  And though we really enjoyed last year- this year was even better.

Added to the tour this year was an outdoor cemetery, a witch telling stories in the old school house and human mannequins that really shocked us when they moved.  A talking genie head entertained onlookers as they passed by downstairs and many 3D posters seemed to jump right out at you, while a hidden alien surprised us in one of the old shops.

Visits may have more than tripled the count from last year

It was a great evening brought to the community by dedicated museum volunteers and board members.  It was reported that this year the number of visits may have more than tripled the count from last year which shows how much people have enjoyed this event at the museum.

We can hardly wait to see what will be in store for us next year.  (For more pictures you can visit the Go Wayne County Facebook site).

Also on Facebook under Go Wayne County will be pictures from the Homerun Haunt event from McBride Stadium today.  See some of the many cute children in costume including our own little witch.  A great night for kids and adults tonight!  Look to the week ahead on the GoWayneCounty.com events calendar.  There is more excitement to come.

Last Weekend’s Antique Show In Cambridge City A Success For All Who Participated

Whether you were in Cambridge City to purchase antiques or to show them, many walked away happy last weekend.

Vendors came from all over, including Tennessee and Kansas City

bringing some unique antiques with them for display.  A local collector from Richmond, Robbie Lee, said he had been busy all that  morning at his booth set up with items including books, refinished furniture and other collectibles.

Both sides of main street were lined with vendors, as well as antique shops being opened such as the Log House Antiques whose owner was one of the coordinators of the event.  Several vendors were set up around the grounds of their establishment.  (see more photos on GoWayneCounty’s Facebook site).

Lumpy’s Café and The Pour House

both reported being very busy last Saturday, with lines at the counter in both places.  It was a success as well for many who came to find a one of a kind antique or collectible, savor some good homemade food and purchase decorative gourds for the holidays.  There was something for everyone and it will hopefully become an annual event.

If you have an event coming up and would like us to cover it or need advertising, just let us know.  Go to GoWayneCounty.com and click “contact.”  Send us your request and we will put your event on our calendar, and if we can we will cover it for you as well.  We love to be invited—but we may show up anyway.

Are You Ready For Some Halloween Fun Today?….See What is Happening In Wayne County:

Halloween Program for Children : 2:00 to 3:00 today

Update: registration for this event is closed-  Sorry, but stay tuned for more great events from MRL (look below for other events still open for today in Wayne County)

at Morrisson-Reeves Public Library – Join storyteller, and Earlham Librarian Jennie Kiffmeyer as she shares some wonderfully creepy tales on Saturday, October 22, from 2:00-3:00 pm in the Children’s Programming Room at Morrisson-Reeves Public Library. Jennie will also teach the kids how to spin a spooky story, too–just in time for Halloween! The program, “Find out about Scary Stories @ Your Library” is intended for children, ages 6-12. If you plan to attend, please register your child at the Morrisson-Reeves children’s desk or online.

Homerun Haunt At McBride Stadium- 6:00 – 8:30 p.m.

See article at GoWayneCounty.com for details.

Haunted Museum Tour: 6:30 – 9:00 p.m.

At the Wayne County Historical Museum– see article on GoWayneCounty.com for details—it’s a spooky good time!

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Tonight at 7:30 p.m.

Adapted by Jeffery Hatcher; Produced in Cooperation with Dramatics Play Services, Inc. The classic thriller by Robert Louis Stevenson has been adapted as an innovative stage play, arriving at RCT for the Halloween season! This eerie Jekyll-Hyde makes clear that the famous story is also a psychological study and morality tale. Interesting, unnerving drama. First time at RCT! Friday and Saturday shows at 7:30. Tickets: Adults $15, Seniors and Students $12, Recognized groups of 10 or more $10 each.

Halloween Howl Comes Back This Year To The Tom Raper Center

Please note that attendees must enter from the NW L Street entrance. The front entrance will be closed to try to reduce traffic congestion.- submitted by Blair Beach, Richmond Parks and Recreation:

Growth On Earlham Campus Announced At Inauguration Of 17th President

Last Saturday afternoon, leading up to the installation of the new president of Earlham College, Board Chair Debbie Hull made an announcement that was significant to the growth of the campus. In addition to the following:

“One of the first significant changes that will be seen on campus during David Dawson’s administration is the construction of a new science complex, on which we plan to break ground in May 2012. The complex, including new construction and a complete renovation of Stanley Hall, will contain state-of-the-art research facilities organized by research themes and common function.”

New Fine Arts Facility

Hull also added on Saturday, in her remarks prior to installing David as President, the announcement that “the day before the inauguration, the Earlham Board of Trustees authorized the College to move forward with all expediency on a new fine arts facility, as well!”

It was a very exciting afternoon filled with music, and the first speech from the new president that contained both humor and moments of hopeful aspirations for Earlham.   President Dawson was thankful to all the people who helped bring this celebration together, including past presidents who came to support him on this first official day of his new endeavors.  Those presidents included Landrum Bolling and most recent president Doug Bennett.  After thanking the many people who made the day possible David Dawson began by saying, “I am humbled by your faith in me.”  And he later challenged us to ask the question “how shall I live,” adding, as he said, for science fiction buffs, “do you want the blue pill or the red pill?”

David Dawson also spoke highly of his support of Earlham’s distinctive and compelling place in the world of education.  He shared his observation that Earlham was an educational experience that is “taking place in the real world.”  He added that windows are opened to “plights across the world.  Earlham, he said, reminds us that “life has no time outs…somewhere in the world someone is suffering.”

Amidst flags from all nations, his parting words were a challenge to the Earlham student body and community to “change your life, change your world.”  The inauguration was followed by a reception with garden sculptures created by students of Earlham College and lovely treats prepared for the occasion.

Welcome to the community David Dawson!

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Boys & Girls Clubs Of America Award Two Wayne County Supporters



Boys & Girls Clubs of Wayne County Board Member Richard Peterson was presented with the Jeremiah Milbank Gold Medallion for Volunteer Service from Boys & Girls Clubs of America at the 2011 Midwest Leadership Conference.    The Club’s Executive Director Bruce Daggy was also presented with the prestigious Horizon Award that is presented to a Club professional who has dedicated service to the Boys & Girls Club movement.  Boys & Girls Clubs of Wayne County Board of Directors President Garry Kleer and First Vice President Mike Nottingham helped to present the awards.

Peterson has always been an advocate for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Wayne County since joining the Board of Directors in 2001.  He became a Club officer when a former board member had to leave town because of an employment change.

Peterson was a dedicated and engaged President of the Board of Directors and participated in almost every committee meeting.   Additionally, while president, he continued to chair the public relations and marketing committee, a position he held for 7 years.  Peterson also played an instrumental role with Boys & Girls Clubs of America and the National Outdoor Advertising Association of America in pursuing a national marketing effort using billboards to promote our programs.  Additionally, he has donated billboard space in our community to promote the Club and special events.

Richard has also continued to demonstrate his leadership at the local, state, regional, and national level of Boys & Girls Clubs of America.  He has attended the Indiana Legislative Day, the Indiana Board Leadership Area Council, the Midwest Region Board Leadership Conference, and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America National Conference on multiple occasions.  Peterson was recently nominated and voted in as the President of the Indiana Board Leadership Area Council.   He has served in the

Bruce is continually looking for ways to better the community, the youth of Wayne County and Clubs across the state of Indiana.  He serves as a liaison for various other non-profit organizations and brings a countless number of financial opportunities to the community through federal grants.  Daggy spearheaded the Positive Alternatives Program, an out of school suspension program, now in its third year.   Through the community service component of the program and working with the Wayne County Juvenile Probation Department, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Wayne County also oversees all juvenile probation assigned in Wayne County.

In recent years, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Wayne County have become the fiscal agent for the Indiana Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs AmeriCorps programs.  This program brings AmeriCorps members into Indiana Clubs to support educational services.    In 2009, Boys & Girls Clubs of Wayne County became the fiscal agent for the Indiana Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs.

Bruce has helped further the Movement’s Strategic Plan, and is the idea person at our club–the person who maintains and shares the vision of our organization.  Several years ago, when he was made aware the movement needed the ability to demonstrate the impact clubs have on the lives of young kids, he knew that he could demonstrate this effectively by creating different metrics using our own data.  Although it took a year to collect additional data, the final result was widely accepted.  Our 2006 Impact Assessment has been shared and praised throughout the entire movement.  We are also updating the report and have recently started utilizing new assessment software in conjunction with program outlines and outcomes.  When the Impact 2012 Strategic Plan was revealed, Daggy lead our Long Range Planning committee to revise our long range plan to encompass the movements four goals.

Bruce’s vision is also evident in his ability to seek out funding sources, not only for short term use but also for long term use as well.  With his guidance, our club has been a leader in establishing and furthering the movement’s emphasis on planned giving.  Not only through the Heritage Club but also with the new gift annuity program.

Staff retention under Bruce’s tutelage has been demonstrated by the quality of the people that he has surrounded himself with.  Bruce has a very unique management style.  When staff realizes Bruce genuinely cares about them, not only in their abilities, but them as an individual, an amazing transformation of self-motivation happens.  With the exception of few employees, Bruce has retained his entire full time professional staff for his entire tenure.  While he has grown the club several new key staffing positions have been added.

In 2010, Daggy was selected as Professional of the Year by the Indiana Board Leadership Area Council of Boys & Girls Clubs of America.  The annual award recognizes a Club professional in Indiana for outstanding leadership within their own Club as well as across the state.  The Boys & Girls Clubs of Wayne County was also recognized by Boys & Girls Clubs of America with the prestigious Merit Award for Program Excellence in the Overall Program category for Clubs over $500,000.

Not only does Bruce serve the community but personally he has “adopted” many former Club members.  He serves as a mentor and a guiding force to help shape the lives of these young men and women.  His belief in our Mission,  “To inspire and enable, all young people, especially those who need us most, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens”  is seen on a daily basis through his hard work and dedication.  On any given day, youth stop by Bruce’s office to say hello and to give updates on their lives.  They discuss likes and dislikes of the Club but also family and school life.  Report card time is a busy time for Bruce because so many youth feel Bruce really does care and they are proud to show off their grades to him.

Bruce’s commitment to youth can also be seen in his community affiliations.  He was a driving force behind the Community Wide Partnership for Youth that was established in our community to better serve youth with the entire community’s help.  He truly is an inspiration for youth and a leader in Wayne County.    His countless years of dedication to bettering the lives of children can be seen in his lifelong commitment and career to youth services.  He continues to strive toward making us the Positive Place for Kids through his many affiliations including Boys & Girls Clubs of America

A Haunted Museum Tour

Friday-Saturday * October 21-22, 2011 * 6:30 to 9:00 p.m.

Have you ever wondered what happens when the lights go out at the Wayne County Historical Museum? Does the mummy walk…do the characters from our past come to life? Now that it is the Haunting Season, we know these things happen and you are invited to join us! Come and enjoy our not too creepy friends as they take over our Museum. There will be skeletons into all kinds of trouble, even one trying to fly our plane! The witches will be making bubbling brews and there might even be an appearance by the headless horseman! This is an event for the whole family, nothing too scary! $2/child, $3/adult.

Homerun Haunt At McBride Stadium Saturday October 22, 2011

InConcert Big James At 4th Floor Blues Tonight

Antique Fair In Cambridge City, Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cambridge City Indiana

If you are an antique lover, you won’t want to miss the Antique Fair this Saturday in the quaint town of Cambridge City, IN.

Vendors Expected to Line the Streets

Held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., side roads will be closed in order to accommodate all the antique vendors expected to line the streets, according to Vicki Alexander, owner of Undiscovered Treasures, a unique consignment store in Cambridge.

Many other shops will be open for business including the Pour House- home of the best homemade fudge around Wayne County and other homemade delicacies and lunch menu items.  For a great country style breakfast you can start your day at Lumpy’s Cafe on Foote Street.

Mention you read this article on GoWayneCounty.com

At Undiscovered Treasures, next to the bridge into town, if you mention you read this article on GoWayneCounty.com you will receive an extra 10% off your purchase.  Many items including purses and other accessories will already be at lower sale prices.

It is not too early to knock off some of the items on your holiday list, or add a unique item to your antique collection– while getting great deals.

For more information you can call Shane Hawkins at Log House Antiques: 765-967-5082.

Building 125, One of the many antique shops in Cambridge City

Inauguration of John David Dawson, 17th President of Earlham College

John "David" Dawson, Next President of Earlham College

On Saturday, October 15, Earlham will conduct a ceremony that will focus on the Quaker value of simplicity, as the college inaugurates John David Dawson as its 17th president. Dignitaries from other colleges, Earlham board members and alumni join current faculty, staff and students in a day filled with celebration and reflection. The inauguration will include a variety of events across campus.

First Non-Quaker to Serve as Earlham’s President

David Dawson is the first non-Quaker to serve as Earlham’s president in its history. However, having come from a Quaker college prior to accepting his position as President of Earlham College, he brings much experience to the table. The actual inauguration is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. in the Wellness Center Performance Gym.

“Playing For Change”

Playing For Change Performs at Inauguration Celebration

Included in this day of celebration will be the performance of a well known international musical group which focuses on peace called “Playing For Change” at 8:30 p.m. in the Wellness Center Performance Gym. (You can see two videos of the group on GoWayneCounty.com by searching “Playing For Change”).
Tickets are needed for the inauguration as well as the special concert in the evening. You can register online for the inauguration ceremony and get tickets for the show at the Box Office in Runyan Center on campus.

Amid The Changing Leaves In Wayne County This Weekend….

What’s Happening?

Grand Entry, 2010


A whole lot…and more on the GoWayneCounty.com calendar.  Just look below for some of the exciting events.  And send us pictures of what you did this weekend (karole@gowaynecounty.com) especially if they are Fall pictures and we will post them.

Gathering Of All Nations Pow Wow: Winchester IN

Starts today, Saturday, October 8 at 10:00am  and runs through October 9 until 6:00 pm.  Located at the Goodrich Park  on Union Street in Winchester, In., the Pow Wow will feature DANCERS , Drums : Southern Singers and Thunder With The Hands, Head Man- Aaron Stevens,from Richmond IN,  Head Lady- Amber Tave, Jr. Head Man -Cameron Dewalt, Jr. Head Lady- Kichie Malaterre Pennington, HEAD VETERAN- Martin Tall Horse, ARENA DIRECTOR- Leroy Malaterre, EMCEE- Brian Darst, FLINT KNAPPER- Ron Kennedy, STORY TELLER- Anna Fisher, FIRE KEEPER- Frank Snyder, TOMAHAWK THROWER- Steve Witt. A BENEFIT AUCTION will take place Saturday Night after the flag retreat. Grand Entry will take place Saturday 12 noon, 6 pm. and Sunday 1 pm.  The event will also include vendors and traders, demonstrators and performers. The learning center will be open and will be Geared toward Native American History. FREE PARKING.

Daniel Reid Day At The Wayne County Historical Museum

Daniel Reid made his fortune in the tin manufacturing industry and he was one of richest men in America.  Much of his fortune was spent on Richmond, such as the Reid Memorial Hospital, and the Reid Presbyterian Church and other great contributions.  He was an entrepreneur of the day.  Activities and more information will be included in today’s event from 12 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Mardi Gras Parade and Festivities Today In Winchester

A Mardi Gras Parade will take place at 5:00 p.m. in Winchester on the last day of their celebration.  Festivities will continue until 10:00 p.m. this evening with food, games, vendors and more.  Winchester is about 35 miles north on 27 north from Richmond IN.


All dressed up for Oktoberfest

Barktoberfest at St Paul’s Episcopal Church

Sunday, October 9 · 10:30am – 1:30pm,  800 N. A St, Richmond, IN;  There will be a Blessing of the Animals at the 10:30 service on the front lawn followed by Oktoberfest pitch-in. St. Paul’s will provide the brats, sauerkraut and beer. You bring a side-dish to share. H.E.L.P. the Animal Shelter will be on hand with dog training tips, fun contests and information on adopting or sponsoring a dog or cat. Bring your pets to have them blessed and stay for the fun.Please have dogs on a leash and cats in either a carrier or on a leash. A free will offering will be taken for H.E.L.P. shelter, also please bring at least one of these items: Clay cat litter Canned dog or cat food dog treat/bisquits small dog or cat collars leashes dog & cat toys paper towels Toilet paper dish soap laundry detergent bleach used clean towels, sheets or rugs (no rubber backing)

Financial Literacy At Boys & Girls Clubs Of Wayne County, October, 15, 2011


Boys & Girls Clubs of Wayne County Improve Financial Literacy
With Innovative Money Matters Programs for Teens

Teen members of The Boys & Girls Clubs of Wayne County will receive valuable guidance and education in financial literacy, including budgeting, saving, avoiding debt and saving for college in a new after-school enrichment program.

Richmond, October 15th, 2011 – On this day, the teen members of The Boys & Girls Clubs of Wayne County will participate in a financial literacy program called Money Matters. The Money Matters program was created by The Boys & Girls Clubs of America, in partnership with the Charles Schwab Foundation, to provide behavior-changing financial education to help teens get on the path toward budgeting, saving, and planning for college and financial freedom.

“We are delighted that Charles Schwab is sponsoring this nationwide financial education program, developed specifically to address the needs of at-risk teens,” said Erica Cook, the Teen Program Coordinator of The Boys & Girls Clubs of Wayne County. “This Money Matters program reaches teens at such a critical time. We hope to positively impact the saving and spending behaviors of our members by providing them with the knowledge and skills they need to make informed financial decisions throughout their lives.”

About Money Matters

The Money matters program uses interactive activities to educate teens 13-18, on critical aspects of financial literacy, including managing a checking account, budgeting, saving, avoiding debt, investing, paying for college, and entrepreneurship. The Money Matters program was developed in a joint collaboration between Boys & Girls Clubs of America and the Charles Schwab Foundation.

About Boys & Girls Clubs of Wayne County

Located at 1717 S. L St. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Wayne County has served the youth of Richmond for 53 years. The Club provides programs for more than 2500 boys & girls in the areas of character and leadership, educational and career development, health and life skills, the arts, sports, fitness and recreation.

  • www.bgcrichmond.org  * Contact: Erica Cook 962-6922

“Playing For Change” Coming To Earlham College October 15, 2011

Tickets are now available for Playing For Change, an  international musical group that has been featured on PBS and is a unique combination of music from all over the world.  See the video below for a sample of what you will enjoy at Earlham during Inauguration Weekend.

Location: Performance Gymnasium, Athletics and Wellness Center. You can pick up tickets (10.00/adult and 8.00 students and seniors) at the box office at Earlham College, Runyan Center.  The performance will be on Saturday, October 15, at 8:30 p.m. in the performance gym in the wellness center.

The video below is described as “Musicians from around the world perform an amazing rendition of “Stand By Me” in the new PBS special PLAYING FOR CHANGE: PEACE THROUGH MUSIC.”   You won’t want to miss this!

What’s Happening This First October Weekend 2011, Wayne County

Events For October 1 -2, 2011

The Annual 4th Street Fair!

"The Tree" we look for every year at The 4th Street Fair

Food vendors, fresh nuts of all kinds, handmade crafts, fun for the kids, live music and dance, kettle corn, antiques, old books, art and all the fun and scrumptious things of Fall in a 2 day event.  It will be a beautiful weekend to come out and walk S. 4th Street for this annual tradition ringing in the first weeks of Fall.  Also see Art On The Green at the 4th Street Fair- a fundraiser sponsored by the Richmond Art Museum.

Family Garden Lesson At Cope Environmental Center, Centerville IN

Families with elementary school-age children are welcome to join the Cope Environmental Center for a garden lesson on October 1st from 10-12 AM.  Families will learn about plant reproduction and what seeds need to germinate by reading of “The Tiny Seed,” a book about a little seed that travels through the seasons.  Salsa will also be made from local produce.

Just Between Friends

The Nations Leading Children,s and Maternity Consignment Sales Event. When: October 1st from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. and October 2nd 10 a.m.-4 p.m.  It will be located at the Wayne County Fairgrounds in the Kuhlman Center.

A visit from the past- Tales From The Departed 2010

Tales From The Departed Saturday 1-5 p.m.

This is a historical walking tour of prominent citizens of Richmond buried at the Earlham Cemetery, with reenactors at the gravesites telling about that person’s life! It’s informative, fun and a great family outing!  Admission is  $10 per car.


Two opportunities to enjoy the sumptuous foods of Octoberfest this weekend.  During the 4th Street Fair on Saturday the YMI will hold their annual Octoberfest starting at 1:00 p.m.  Later in the day the American Legion Post 65 will host an Octoberfest from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.  The cost at the Legion is 10.00 per person and includes German wine and beer tasting with appetizers and German cuisine dinner.

Music Night Fundraiser For Public Art In Wayne County October 7, 2011


2010 Mural, Cambridge City, by Pamela Bliss

Festival of the Arts (FOTA) is hosting a Music Night fundraiser for public art in Wayne County, Indiana on Friday, Oct. 7, 7 p.m. at the 4th Floor Blues Club lot, Richmond, Indiana. The winners of the 2011 mural and sculpture competitions will be announced at the event.

The Jonny Hazard Band featuring Randy Baker will be performing blues, soft rock, funk and R&B including some songs by Richmond’s own, Baby Huey, locally known as James Ramey. Baby Huey performed in the 1960’s with the Babysitters and his posthumous album is considered a classic.

Purchased tickets, $10 in advance and $15 at the gate, will each receive a free pulled pork BBQ sandwich, chips and drink provided by the new Firehouse BBQ and Blues in Richmond. Tickets available at Richmond Hardware in Richmond and Cutshaw’s Market in Cambridge City. Bring a chair, optional.

FOTA is making a request to residents across Wayne County to support artists who created and will be creating artwork for the communities by attending this event or making donations.

As part of fundraising efforts, FOTA will be publishing a booklet of old and new public art in Wayne County. FOTA requests help from the community to identify public art that may be inconspicuous. The publication will be released before Christmas and orders are being taken. For public art suggestions and more book order information, please email info@WayneFestivalofTheArts.com or call 317.696.7349.

To be considered for public art, make donations, or other questions, go to WayneFestivalofTheArts.com.

FOTA is hosted by Neighborhood Clearinghouse Services Association. Some activities are made possible in part by a grant from Wayne County Foundation and contributions by The Economic Growth Group of Richmond, Richmond Furniture Gallery, Jetmore, BAWA & Hirons, First Bank Richmond, Wayne Bank and Trust, and Warm Glow Candle Co. , Airworx Corp. and Sherwin Williams.

Julie Dishman

  • Communications/PR Coordinator
  • Richmond-Wayne County Convention & Tourism Bureau
  • 5701 National Road East
  • Richmond, Indiana 47374
  • 765.935.8687