A Successful Job Search Starts With Reliable Intel

By Jack Humphrey | Richmond

Sep 19

Jobs.  It’s a topic that is white-hot in the news and for people who are out of work or under employed in Wayne County, Indiana.

The common refrain locally (and nation-wide) is “we need more jobs” or “there are no jobs.”

While there may not be the right types of jobs available for a given skill set, it’s simply not true that no one is hiring.  Quite the opposite.

A successful job search depends entirely on having the best intel on new job announcements possible.  As with news and many other general interest topics, locals usually only have the very large employment sites to search for jobs in our area.

The problem is, which mega site shows ALL of the jobs available in Wayne County Indiana?  The answer is:  none of them.

For small employers, advertising job openings online is difficult because there are so many different mega jobs sites to choose from.  There just doesn’t feel like there’s one “go-to place” where the majority of jobs available in Wayne County are posted and where a job seeker can reliably search for close to everything available in the area in their area of expertise.

A new site seeks to bring quality job search to Wayne County residents.  WayneCoJobs.com came online recently to solve the problems above and to give job seekers more relevant jobs for the area.

Instead of getting job openings for all the surrounding areas, as happens frequently on the big national sites, the listings are “For Locals, By Locals.”  Which is kind of a big deal to the team at Go Wayne County!  We’re all about bringing quality online services formerly reserved for larger metro areas and geographically agnostic mega sites down to the local level.

Anything that can be done to make information more accurate on the ground locally is a good thing for the community.  WayneCoJobs.com is another step in the right direction.  The site is new, and doesn’t claim to have 100% of jobs available in Wayne County and surrounding just yet, but we’re working on that!

Check local job listings for Wayne County on WayneCoJobs.com today and even submit your resume!

About the Author

Editor of GoWayneCounty.com, CEO of BrickRoadMedia.com. Twitter: @jackhumphrey