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K-Ready Baby Genius Winter Bash December 1, 2015


Veterans Day with Dannielle

Hey whats up you guys?! It’s Dannielle. Today was Veterans Day. Veterans Day is a day where we take time to honor and celebrate the veterans who have fought or died fighting. Everyday we should honor our veterans, but today was set aside for them so we can honor our veterans together. Some schools have […]

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The “Geeks Diary” Entry 4

Hey what’s up you guys?! It’s Dannielle. And I’m sorry if this is a little short, but I had a lot of homework the day I wrote this. Now I know I could have not written this, but I’m going to post every week. At least I’m going to try. Anyway did you guys have […]


The Geek’s Diary: Entry 3 “Halloween!”

Hey what’s up you guys?! It’s Dannielle. And guess what time it is?! Halloween! Most people are now carving pumpkins, planning costumes, going to haunted houses and trails (not too fond of the latter). Anyway, have you carved your pumpkins yet? I have, if you want to watch that see below: Okay since Halloween is […]


Halloween Events In Wayne County October 31

This is perhaps scheduled to be the busiest Halloween day on record!  It probably helps that the 31st falls on a Friday this year, but regardless the reason for the heightened festivities, events will be happening all over Wayne County. Along with all the regular Wayne County trick or treat schedules, in Cambridge City there will […]